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Gustave Courbet [Ornans, 1819 - La Tour-de-Peilz, 1877]


Datec. 1871
Materials/Techniquesoil on cardboard
Size (cm)24.5 x 33.5
InscriptionsSigned upper right: G. Courbet.
Credit LineMatsukata Collection
Standard ref.Fernier 799; M328
Collection NumberP.1959-0059


Reinach, Paris; Galerie Georges Bernheim, Paris; purchased from the above by Kojiro Matsukata, Kobe, ca. November 1921 [see letter from Georges Bernheim to Léonce Bénédite, dated 17 November 1921, in the Bibliothèque centrale des musées nationaux, Paris (copy in NMWA curatorial file)]; sequestered by French government, 1944; vested in French government under San Francisco Peace Treaty, 1952; transferred from French to Japanese government, 23 January 1959; entered into NMWA, April 1959.

Exhibition History

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