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Anthony van Dyck [Antwerp, 1599 - London, 1641]

Diego Felipe de Guzmán, Marquis of Leganés

Datec. 1634
Materials/Techniquesoil on canvas
Size (cm)210 x 119
InscriptionsInscribed lower right, inventry number of the Leganés collection: 457
Credit LinePurchased
Collection NumberP.1987-0002
Diego Felipe de Guzmán, Marquis of Leganés

This well-built figure wrapped in black robes and standing in a darkened interior is Diego Felipe de Guzmán, 1st Marquis of Leganés, who was active as a soldier and diplomat during the reign of Philip IV. The marquis was famous for his numerous acts of valor, and in addition, was known as a collector of art. While his collection included works by such representative Spanish painters as Velásquez and Ribera, and such Italian artists as Titian, it was particularly noteworthy for the large number of works by such Flemish artists as Rubens and Van Dyck acquired while he served at the palace in Brussels. This portrait is thought to have been painted in Brussels in 1634 when Van Dyck, court painter for the British king Charles I, returned briefly to Flanders. The work exhibits Van Dyck's special characteristics, his firm grasp of the subject's individual characteristics and his rich, somewhat idealized form of expression, while the subject's figure and clothing are relatively somber in terms of Van Dyck's normal palette. This could have been a result of specific instructions from the marquis, familiar with portraits by such Spanish artists as Velásquez. Another work that closely resembles this work is now in Madrid (Spanish-American Bank collection). The painting of secondary areas such as the background and clothing in the NMWA work is simplified and the work lacks an official character. Also, traces of revisions to the right arm, thought to have been painted by Van Dyck himself, indicate that this work was the first of the two to be painted. It can be suggested that the Madrid work was based on the NMWA work as a presentation piece. The number inscribed in the lower right of the composition also confirms that this work was originally in the marquis' own collection. (Source: Masterpieces of the National Museum of Western Art, Tokyo, 2009, cat. no. 29)


Marquis of Leganés; Mr. Madrazo, Madrid; Sir Lionel Harvey, ca. 1821; Colonel Hugh Baillie; Mr. Birch, Norwood, 1827; Thomas, Earl of Grey; Earl Cowper, Panshanger; By decent to Baroness Lucas, Crudwell; Auc. Baroness Lucas, Christie's, May 26, 1922, no. 86; Mr. Vickers; Hon. Clive and Mrs. Pearson, Parham Hall (Sussex); Thomas Agnew and Sons Ltd., London; Purchased by the NMWA, 1987.

Exhibition History

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