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Dante Gabriel Rossetti [London, 1828 - Birchington on Sea, 1882]

The Loving Cup

Materials/Techniquesoil on panel
Size (cm)66 x 45.7
InscriptionsSigned (in monogram) and dated lower left: DGR 1867; Titled on top of frame: THE LOVING CUP; Inscribed on bottom of frame: Douce nuit et joyeux jour / A chevalier de bel amour.
Credit LineEx-Matsukata Collection
Standard ref.Surtees 201
Collection NumberP.1984-0005
The Loving Cup

 A British Victorian-era painter and poet, Dante Gabriel Rossetti formed the pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood seeking to recapture the naïve approach to art of the time before Raphael. The painting shows a woman raising a golden “loving cup”. Behind her are four brass plates depicting scenes from the Bible and ivy leaves symbolizing loyalty and eternity. The inscription on the frame, “Douce nuit et joyeux jour/A chevalier de bel amour”(“Sweet night and happy days./To the well-loved knight”), suggests she may be offering a toast to her lover on his way to war. (Source: Gallery label, October 2016)


F. R. Leyland; Auc. Leyland, Christie's, 28 May 1892, lot 58; T. H. Ismay (died ca. 1908); Mrs. Chandos-Pole-Gell, 1923; Kojiro Matsukata; Jugo Ginko (The Fifteenth Bank), Kobe, 1927; Private Collection, Kobe, 1927; Chichibu-Shokai, Tokyo, 1971; Purchased by the NMWA, 1984.

Exhibition History

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The Rings from The Hashimoto Collection of The National Museum of Western Art, The National Museum of Western Art, 8 July 2014 - 15 September 2014, cat. no. 247


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